Can I install a heat pump in my pool plant room?

Most heat pumps should be installed outdoors as they require a good flow of fresh air to operate properly. Some models can however be installed in a pump-house or plant room using the through the wall ducting kit or by cutting a hole through the wall of the plant room to allow the air to be blown outside

A permanent grille must then be installed in the opposite wall of the plant room to allow fresh air to enter the plant room at the same rate as it is leaving.

Generally there is no advantage to putting a heat pump inside a plant room other than to protect it from the weather and possibly for aesthetic reasons.

There are not normally any performance advantages from putting a heat pump inside a plant room. Any surplus heat in the plant room will be expelled within a couple of minutes of the heat pump being turned on and fresh air drawn in from the outside. This causes the temperature inside the plant room to become the same as the outside air temperature negating any performance benefit

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