What size heat pump do I need for my pool?

There are many factors that should be considered when sizing a heat pump for your swimming pool.

At HeatPumps4Pools we gather the information on how you wish to use your pool and take into account a wide range of factors so that we can give you a heat pump that will meet and exceed your requirements.

If you would like us to recommend suitable heat pumps for your pool, then  please complete our Heat Pump Sizing Form

this will capture a wide range of information about your pool including:-

  1. Pool Dimensions (length, width, average depth in feet or metres)
  2. Swimming season (eg May – Sept, or all year round etc)
  3. Desired water temperature (28c is typical)
  4. If the pool is kept covered when not in use (ie with a solar cover or thermal blanket)
  5. The number of hours per day that the pool is uncovered
  6. If the pool has a single or 3-phase electrical supply
  7. Indoor or outdoor pool
  8. Pool location (eg UK, France, Spain etc please provide address if you would like a shipping quote)
  9. Existing pool heating system
  10. Domestic or Commercial use
  11. If the property is rented or a holiday home
  12. Above ground or in-ground pool

We will then give you our recommened pool heat pumps.

Of course you can always call us if you prefer to run through this by phone !

We can provide our expertise to consider all of these factors and help you choose the best size unit for your pool.

We therefore recommend that you contact us to discuss the size of heat pump that you require before making a purchase.

Each of our product listings has a sizing chart that shows the maximum number of cubic metres (m3) of water that each heat pump model supports.

As a start, compare the volume of your pool in m3 to the sizing chart. If your pool volume is near the maximum size supported, then choose the next model up.

Always allow some “headroom” with the power of your heat pump. This will ensure that the heat pump can still produce enough heat to maintain your required pool temperature on colder days.

Inverter heat pumps should also be sized larger than “on-off” heat pumps so that the unit can run at a reduced power output to give the maximum efficiency of an inverter driven pool heat pump

For rented properties or holiday homes, it is advisable to oversize the heat pump to allow a faster heat up time before guests arrive. We also have heat pumps with lockable keypads to prevent guests from adjusting the pool temperature.

Feel free to call us and we are more than happy to run through the sizing of your pool heater.