I have an indoor pool, should I put the heat pump inside the pool enclosure to act as a dehumidifier as well as heating the pool water?

For indoor pools, it is possible to put a heat pump inside the pool enclosure or in a plant room.

In order to do this, the air expelled from the heat pump is blown out of the building by using a through the wall vent kit. (this is only available for some models of heat pump)

A grille, preferably at the other end of the building would allow fresh air to enter the building to replace the air being blown out.

This method will blow the moist pool air out of the building helping to dehumidify the air. The heat pump will gain some benefit from using the warmer pool room air.

The disadvantage of this method is that the air in the pool room will soon be the same temperature as the outside air.

This is not normally desirable for an indoor pool, particularly in winter !

For this reason, it is normally best to put the heat pump outdoors and use seperate dehumidifiers to dry and warm the pool room air.

We sell “all-in-one” type units (eg the Heatstar Gemini) that can provide pool water heating, dehumidification and air heating.

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