Should I keep a solar cover on my pool when using a heat pump?

Absolutely ! It is almost compulsory to use a solar cover when using a heat pump to heat your pool.

A solar cover provides several benefits:-

  • It can heat the pool on its own by up to 8 degrees C
  • It reduces water evaporation by 98%
  • It acts as an insulation layer and greatly reduces heat loss
  • It reduces pool chemical consumption by up to 30%
  • It prevents leaves etc from entering the pool
  • It saves you money by reducing your heating costs
  • Reducing your heating costs will also reduce your carbon footprint

Not using a solar cover is like not insulating the loft in your house. As your heat pump puts heat into the pool, it will be lost into the air when a solar cover is not used.

An uncovered pool will lose about 2-3 times more heat than a covered pool.

Covering the pool is particularly important at night as the air temperature will drop causing a temperature difference between the pool water and the air.

The temperature difference will cause your pool to lose heat at a greater rate than during the day.

We recommend that you keep a solar cover on the pool at all times when the pool is not in use.

The solar cover will work in conjunction with your heat pump to make an efficient combination for heating your pool and minimising energy requirements.

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