Each product listing states the warranty offered.

Most of our new heat pumps include an on-site parts and labour warranty.

All heat pumps shipped outside the UK are supplied with a parts-only warranty. Outside the UK you will need to employ a local contractor if required and we will courier any necessary spare parts to you

Most units have 50mm pipe outlets. They are normally also supplied with 50mm to 1.5″ adaptors as 1.5″ is the most common size of pipe in the UK.

In Europe, 50mm is the most common size of pipe.

Each heat pump listing states the pipe outlet size

We can supply adaptors to go to different pipe sizes if required.

See our Savings page.

There is also a calculation on the savings page showing how a large 32kw heat pump costs only £3.33 per day to run !

Smaller heat pumps will cost less than this to run.