Indoor pools have more complex design requirements than outdoor pools due to the need to also control humidity and to heat the pool room air

At HeatPumps4Pools, we offer a full design service for indoor pools to supply pool heating, dehumidification, air heating and fresh air introduction

Please see our Guide to Indoor Pool Heating.

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Calorex AA300/AA500 (1)

Calorex Delta (1)

Calorex HRD (1)

Calorex Variheat (1)

Dehumidifiers (7)

Heatstar Andromeda (1)

Heatstar Gemini (1)

Heatstar Orion (1)

Heatstar Phoenix (1)

Indoor Pool Design Service (1)

Indoor Pool Ducting (1)

Pool Ventilators (7)

Rollers (3)

Tow Out Kits (2)