Duratech Dura Plus Dura+ Pond Heat Pumps

Duratech Dura+ swimming pool heat pumps are made to a higher specification and efficiency than the standard range of the Duratech heat pumps.

The Dura+ range has:-

  • High efficiency by using R410a refrigerent gas
  • COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 6.5
  • Works down to -15C degrees
  • Can Heat and Cool the water
  • Dual speed fan for extra energy efficiency and reduced noise
  • Suitable for Koi ponds as well as swimming pools
  • Hot gas defrost cycle to allow operation at lower temperatures
  • Titanium heat exchanger – The use of titanium for the heat exchanger leads to efficient heat transfer without any dangers of corrosion.
  • Digital control panel on all models
  • Green UK & European compliant extra efficient refrigerant gas (R410a)
  • Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing
  • Refrigerant gas pressure gauge
  • 2-Year parts and labour warranty
  • Designed & Built For Long Life & Reliability

For a koi pond that is heated all year round with a winter temperature of around 12c and a summer temperature of around 20-22c, we recommend the following sizing:-

Duratech Dura+ Pond Sizing 
Max Pond Volume
Dura+74800 gallons
6800 gallons
9800 gallons
13,800 gallons

(Note: This assumes that the pond is covered in winter and that a temperature of +12c is to be maintained over winter)

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