Asin Aqua Salt Automatic Pool Chlorinator & PH Pool Management System




Asin Aqua Salt Automatic Pool Chlorinator & PH Pool Management System


1. Description

The ASIN AQUA Salt is a top of the range swimming pool salt chlorine generator and automatic dosing system

The system generates chlorine from salt which is added to the pool.

The ASIN AQUA Salt comes with a salt electrolysis cell which is plumbed in line with the pool water.

Electricity is passed through the cell which then creates chlorine from the salt (sodium chloride) in the pool water.

The system automatically turns the cell on and off as required to maintain the desired chlorine level.

The ASIN AQUA Salt also includes two dosing pumps for pH control and algaecide

It is internet enabled allowing remote monitoring of the pool chlorine, PH and temperature via a smart phone or the internet.

The ASIN AQUA Salt has an easy to use colour touch-screen control panel

It comes with a flow meter to detect when the pool circulation pump is running so that dosing only occurs when the pool water is flowing.

The ASIN AQUA Salt can be used for private or small commercial pools with a water volume up to 90m3 for covered pools and 60m3 for uncovered pools

For lager pools, an additional salt generator cell (Asin Salt) can be connected

It has simple and clear operation, whilst measuring and regulating the Chlorine and PH levels in your pool.

This is an automatic dosing system which can be used for both indoor or outdoor pools and spas.

It can be used for domestic or small commercial pools (the free chlorine model should be used for commercial pools)

The system automatically monitors the level of chlorine and PH in the pool and adds the required amounts of chemicals to maintain the pool at the desired levels.

It has an easy to use touch screen control panel, which allows you to set the desired level and monitor the current levels of chlorine and PH in the pool.

2. Models

The ASIN AQUA Salt is available in two models:-

  1. ASIN Aqua Salt Redox
  2. ASIN Aqua Salt CLF (Free Chlorine)

The Redox model shows the amount of chlorine in the pool as a mV reading.

The desired mV reading is set on the touch screen and the system will add liquid chlorine as required to maintain the desired level

On the CLF (Free Chlorine) model, the chlorine level is displayed directly in mg/l (milligram per litre chlorine).


3. ASIN AQUA Salt Features

  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Colour Touchscreen
  • Easy operation
  • Multi-language menu
  • Compact design
  • Salt electrolysis cell (generates chlorine)
  • 2 x Peristaltic pumps (pH and algaecide)
  • Titanium electrodes with ruthenium-iridium coating providing high performance and long lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced safety features
  • Required salt concentration is 4 kg per 1m3. This concentration is 10 times lower than in seawater.
  • Water-flow meter with built in strainer
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection to allow internet access
  • Thermometer measures pool water temperature
  • Timer control of pool circulation pump
  • Optional frost control of pool circulation pump
  • Optional pool water level control

Chlorine control and dosing

The ASIN AQUA provides highly effective disinfection treatment of pool water for public and private pools. Precise measuring of chlorine content in the pool water by the free chlorine probe combined with the system digital intelligence.

It is suitable for covered domestic pools up to 90m3 or uncovered pools up to 60m3, however this also depends on:-

  • temperature
  • intensity of sunlight
  • the number of people using the pool
  • weather conditions
  • organic pollution

pH control and dosing

ASIN AQUA Salt is adjustable to dose pH MINUS or pH PLUS. Treatment for stabilizing of pool water acidity at the optimum level. Precise measuring by pH probe combined with the system digital intelligence controls the preset pH level of the circulating pool water in all pool operation modes and variable environment conditions.

Variable Speed Control

New – All Salt models now include the control for variable speed pumps (VS Model)

Algaecide daily dosing

The ASIN AQUA can dose a small amount of algaecide to both outdoor and indoor pools. The regular addition of algaecide prevents the growth of all types of algae, mould and bacteria.

4. Included in the Box

The ASIN AQUA includes everything required to install the dosing system (apart from the pool chemicals and optional bund tanks)

  • ASIN AQUA Dosing System
  • Generator cell (electrode)
  • Salinity measuring unit
  • Redox OR Chlorine probe
  • pH Probe
  • 2 x dosing valves
  • 2 x tube weights (go on the end of the tube in the chemical container to ensure the tube stays at the bottom of the container)
  • 2 x connection valves – control the flow of water to the water sampling circuit
  • Pool test kit (PH and Chlorine)
  • Knife to cut tubes
  • Plastic tubing
  • Water temperature sensor and pocket


Also included is the easy to read user manual which explains how to install and operate the system and also the water temperature sensor and pocket

5. Typical Installation Diagram


The dosing valves supplied can either be installed directly into a pool elbow or via an optional threaded connector into a T-piece

Watersens Chlorine & PH Automated Dosing System

Example of injectors installed into 1.5″ t-pieces. A hole is drilled and then tapped with a G 1/4″ thread

threaded-end-cap-pic3.jpg Injectors installed into a 50mm t-piece with the threaded

end-cap. We sell all of these parts as optional items

6. ASIN AQUA Salt Connections


The pool circulation pump can be connected to the output socket on the side of the ASIN AQUA Salt

The pool circulation pump can then be programmed with a timer in the ASIN AQUA to start and stop at the required times.

The ASIN AQUA also has the ability to act as a frost thermostat to automatically start the pool circulation pump if the air temperature falls below a user-defined temperature.

In order to use the frost stat function, the optional air thermometer should be purchased

7. Optional Remote Display

An optional remote display panel can be connected to the ASIN AQUA via a cable

The display has an attractive glass design and is normally located in the pool hall

The remote display shows:-

  1. Pool Water temperature
  2. PH level
  3. Redox or free chlorine level (depending on model of ASIN AQUA purchased)



Allows to control some directly from the pool area:
– switch on / off the filter pump
– switch on / off filter backwash (some models)
– change required values ​​(pH, disinfection, required water temperature)
– Display can be locked with a password

Dimensions: W 253 x H 168 x D 39 mm

Optional Items

Various optional items are available with the ASIN AQUA range of pool dosing systems



  • Remote display – see section above
  • Pressure type sensor – measures the water level in the pool and can allow the ASIN AQUA to operate an automatic water top-up valve
  • ZPM coagulation mixer – mixes the flocculant into the water
  • Inserting DN50 plug 1/4″ threaded – cap to go into a 50mm t-piece. Allows the dosing injection valves to be screwed into the cap. Provides a neater solution than drilling and tapping into a pool pipe elbow
  • PH7.00 and redox buffer solution – used to calibrate the probes. The probes are inserted into some of the solution to provide a reference level to check the calibration of the probes
  • Air thermometer – allows the ASIN AQUA to act as a frost stat to turn the pool circulation pump on when the outside air temperature falls towards zero. It also allows the ASIN aqua to control the pool heating based on the outside air temperature
  • Asin Salt 25 – Additional Chlorine generator cell and controller – for covered pools over 90m3, or 60m3 for uncovered pools
  • We also sell a drill and tap set to allow you to drill and tap the correct thread into a pool pipe fitting (eg elbow)


Prices shown for optional extra items are for when they are ordered together with the ASIN AQUA dosing system. Additional delivery charges will apply if the optional items are ordered on their own.

Please contact us for more information on these options


Asin Aqua Salt Customer Photo (Redox model)


The ASIN Aqua Salt can be extended to support any size pool.

The cell supplied supports covered pools up to 90m3 or uncovered pools up to 60m3. For larger pools, the additional ASIN Salt 25 unit can be added


The ASIN Salt 25 provides power to the salt cell and is connected with a communications cable to the ASIN AQUA Salt unit

Using this method, an unlimited number of ASIN Salt 25 units can be connected to the ASIN AQUA Salt to give a scalable solution for any pool size.

8. Remote Monitoring via Smartphone and Internet

The ASIN AQUA Salt comes with an RJ45 Ethernet socket. This allows for connection to your internet router.

This allows remote monitoring of your pool chlorine, PH and temperature levels via either an app on a smartphone or via an internet web browser

The IPool Live App is available free of charge to all ASIN AQUA Home users.

Watersens Chlorine & PH Automated Dosing Systemipool-live-app-pic2.JPG

The app allows the user to remotely monitor the levels of chlorine and PH for the pool

Alerts can also be set so that if the chlorine or PH fall below or above a set level, an alert is sent to warn the operator.

This data can be viewed for a 30 day period using the iPool app or web browser.


If you do not have an internet connection where the ASIN AQUA will be located, an easy solution is to use a pair of powerline adaptors. One of the plugs goes into a socket in the pool plant room. The other plug goes next to the wifi router in the house.

An Ethernet cable is then connected from the powerline adaptor to the router and the ASIN AQUA to deliver internet connectivity.

Please contact us if you would like advice on the best way to get internet connectivity to the pool plant room.


9. Pool Heating Control

The ASIN AQUA Salt includes the ability to measure the pool water temperature and then control the heating to turn the pool heating on and off as required to maintain the desired temperature.

A volt-free relay in the ASIN AQUA can be connected to virtually any type of pool heat pump or pool heater. (please contact us for further advice on how to connect this to your particular pool heat pump or pool heater).

Included with the ASIN AQUA is a pool water thermometer and sleeve. 

This is inserted into the pool pipework so that the pool water temperature can be measured.

Pool Water Temperature Sensor and Pocket (supplied)Connection of temperature sensor to pool water

10. Technical data

  • Power supply 230 V AC 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption out of pump 190 VA
  • Total power consumption 1840 VA
  • Unit fuse T8A
  • Inner electronic fuse T125 mA
  • Supply of external sensors fuse T800 mA
  • Ingress protection IP30
  • Over-voltage category II
  • Operating temperature +5 to + 40°C
  • Relay output contacts max. 230V/1A voltage free
  • Thermometer max difference +/– 1,5°C
  • Clorine processing power (salt 4g/l) TE–25, 20 g Cl/ h
  • Filter pump power supply 1,4 kW , 230 V AC
  • Power of dosing pumps 60 ml/min. by overpressure
  • 1,5 bar
  • (pH, Algaecide) 1,5 bar
  • Measuring water max pressure 1,5 bar
  • Dimensions 450 x 330 x 150 mm
  • Weight 10 Kg

11. Chemical Bund Tanks

We recommend that you purchase one “bund” tank (for the acid or alkali)

These allow the standard 20 and 25 litre containers of liquid  acid to simply be placed inside the bund tank

This makes it very easy to swap the containers when they are empty

The bund tank is designed to hold all of the 20 or 25 litres of pool chemical should the container leak or split.

The bund tank then prevents the chemical from spreading over the floor of the pool plant room which could cause damage to the equipment in the plant room.

We have two types of bund tank available:-

  1. Rectangular bund tank (without the raised back)
  2. Carboy bund tanks (with a raised back)

Rectangular Bund Tanks


The rectangular bund tanks measure 210mm high x 300mm wide x 500mm deep

Carboy Bund Tanks

The carboy bund tanks have a raised back

Watersens Chlorine & PH Automated Dosing SystemWatersens Chlorine & PH Automated Dosing System

These bund tanks should be placed on the floor whenever possible side by side.

Watersens Chlorine & PH Automated Dosing System

The dimensions of the Carboy bund tanks are 300mm wide x 440mm deep x 880mm high


13. Availability

This item is in stock for immediate delivery – please allow 5-7 working days


Asin Aqua Salt Customer Installation Example

14. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship this item to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

15. Warranty

The probes come with a 2-year warranty.

We recommend that you retain the packaging in case you need to return the unit to us for repairs under the warranty. 

The warranty will not apply where the dosing system has been installed incorrectly, or has been damaged by installation, so please advise of any problems as soon as possible.

16. Technical Support

We are happy to provide technical support for all dosing systems that we supply.

We can supply all spare parts to support all ASIN AQUA dosing systems both during and after the warranty period

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