ASIN Pool Controller Internet Enabled allows you to remotely control swimming pool equipment from your phone

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ASIN Pool Controller Internet Enabled allows you to remotely control swimming pool equipment

ASIN Pool Controller

1. ASIN Pool Controller Description

The ASIN Pool controller is a revolutionary piece of equipment which allows a variety of pool equipment to be remotely operated by a smartphone.

The unit is located in the pool plant room and connects to the internet using either wifi or an Ethernet cable (both types of connection are included as standard)

The IPool app is then loaded onto your smartphone to allow control of the pool equipment.

Items which can then be remotely controlled include:-

  • Pool heating – pool heat pump or gas boiler or electric heater etc
  • Pool circulation pump
  • Automatic water top-up system
  • Back-washing the pool filter
  • Pool lights
  • Pool water top-up system
  • etc

The ASIN Pool controller can be used to internet enable virtually any pool heat pump. Please call us for advice on how to connect your particular model

Please read the user manual listed below for more information

2. ASIN Pool Controller iPool Remote App

The iPool app is available for free download for iPhone or Android smartphones

App information

It can be used to turn the various pieces of equipment on or off as well as monitor the pool temperature etc

app picture Asin

3. ASIN Pool Controller Connections

The ASIN Pool has connections for the various sensors that it can use

It also has relay outputs for the other pool equipment (pool heat pump, circulation pump, lights etc..)

Pool Controller diagram

The ASIN Pool can be used to internet enable virtually any pool heat pump

4. ASIN Pool Controller Optional Items

Variable speed pump module

This module allows the ASIN pool to control a Speck or Pentair variable speed pool pump.

The speed of the pump can then be set using the iPool Remote app on a smartphone


Other optional items are shown below


  • Water thermometer – measures pool water temperature. Comes with the pocket for the sensor. Can be used with the 50mm threaded end cap and a t-piece (that we also sell)
  • Air thermometer – measures outside air temperature, allows the unit to turn on the pool circulation pump when the air temp approaches zero. It can also be used to control when the pool heating turns on and off
  • Pressure-type level sensor – measures the pool water level and so can then open a water filling valve
  • Besgo valves – connect to the pool filter to allow automatic back-washing
  • Solar collector thermometer – measures the temperature of the water inside a solar thermal pool heating system. This is then used to decide whether to start the solar circulating pump

Please see the user manual below for more information on the optional items.

Please call us for further information

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8. Warranty

The ASIN Pool Controller

comes with a 2-year warranty.

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The warranty will not apply where the dosing system has been installed incorrectly, or has been damaged by installation, so please advise of any problems as soon as possible.

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