Astral Heat 3 Inverboost All Year Pool Heat Pumps 14kw – 26kw for swimming Pools


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Astral Heat 3 Inverboost All Year Heat Pump Range

STOCK UPDATE May 2023 – Please note that should you place an item that is on “backorder” the lead time for this will be approx 8-10 weeks

1. Description

The Astral Heat 3 inverter driven heat pump for all year use, comes with Fluidra Connect-compatibility. It has been specially designed to obtain good performance in harsher climates. In addition, it runs in power-saving mode to achieve better energy efficiency, makes less noise than other heat pumps and can be used all year

Astral Heat 3 Accessories included: Winter cover, anti-vibration brackets, drainage connection, screen watertight box, 10m screen connection cable, hydraulic connection fittings and Modbus signal cable.


2. Features

  • Inverter technology, which automatically changes the power setting so that the heat pump runs at optimum efficiency levels.
  • Fully inverter driven with variable speed fan and compressor to deliver the lowest running costs with maximum heat output
  • Fluidra Connect-compatible through a Modbus connection to the Fluidra Connect platform.
  • Capable of heating and cooling, all year round
  • A soft starter prevents current surges when the compressor starts up.
  • Lowest outdoor air working temperature of -20ºC, designed to work in cold climates.
  • The reverse cycle defrosting system makes defrosting faster.
  • Heating and cooling modes, thanks to the four-way valve.
  • Electronic expansion valve for enhanced COP performance.
  • R-32 refrigerant gas, free of agents that damage the ozone layer.
  • ABS plastic housing, which prevents corrosion.
  • Titanium exchanger with twisted tube for enhanced performance – resistant to corrosion from chlorine or salt pools.
  • High- and low-pressure flow meter and pressure switch.
  • Modbus-compatible.
  • Three operating modes:-
    • Powerful – maximum heat output, runs at 100%
    • Smart – automatically selects between medium and maximum heat output
    • Silent – automatically selects between minimum and medium heat output
  • Desired water temperature can be set from +10c to +40c
  • Touchscreen.
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Automatic hot gas defrost.
  • High efficiency with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is returned to the pool.
  • Suitable for pools, swim spas, hot tubs and koi ponds etc
  • Low noise, variable speed fan.
  • Mitsubishi inverter compressor
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Wifi-control can be added by the optional Fluidra Connect module

Astral Heat 3 Display:

3. What size heat pump do I require for my pool?

The sizing guide for a covered pool is:-

Recommended Pool Volumes
Astral Heat 3 Inverboost14kw66m3
Astral Heat 3 Inverboost17kw
Astral Heat 3 Inverboost21kw
Astral Heat 3 Inverboost26kw

4. COP And Performance

By using the latest inverter technology, the Astral Heat 3 Inverboost can outperform traditional on/off type heat pumps.

Even as the outside air temperature falls, the Astral Heat 3 Inverboost will still perform well, delivering heat to your pool.

The Astral Heat 3 Inverboost NN heat pumps can work well with outside air temperatures as low as -20c

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio of the amount of heat (in kw) that the heat pump delivers to your pool compared to the electricity that the heat pump uses (in kw)

By using the latest inverter technology, the Heat 3 Inverboost has COPs up to 13. This means that in these conditions, 1kw of electricity consumed by the heat pump will output 13kw of heat to your pool !

Energy rating chart Pro-Elyo Inverboost

5. Extremely Quiet Operation

The Astral Heat 3 Inverboost range work very silently thanks to a unique internal ventilation system and the inverter technology.

Both the fan and compressor automatically adjust their speed to match the pool heat demand, therefore once the pool is up to temperature, the unit can operate with reduced power consumption and noise.

6. Wi-Fi Control

The Fluidra Connect Platform allows the Astral Heat 3 Inverboost to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or any internet web browser or via the Modbus connection

The Fluidra Connect Platform allows you to operate lighting, and many other functions as well as your heat pump.

Note: When using the optional wifi module, a wifi signal is required at the location of the heat pump in order for the wifi module to be able to connect to your wifi.

Please test the strength of the wifi signal e.g. with a laptop or your smart phone before purchasing the wifi module. Please see the link to give you full information on this product on:

If you do not have a wifi signal at the heat pump’s location, then you can either:-

  1. Use a wifi signal extender to boost the signal in the area of the heat pump
  2. Use power LAN adaptors plugged into mains sockets in the house and the pool shed. You can then connect a wifi extended to the powerlan adaptor in your pool shed.

Please Contact Us if you need assistance with the wifi configuration

7. Specifications

Please Specifications tab at the top of the page

8. Accessories included

Astral Heat 3 accessories include: Winter cover, anti-vibration brackets, drainage connection, screen watertight box, 10m screen connection cable, hydraulic connection fittings and Modbus signal cable.

  • Winter cover (lightweight)
  • Anti-vibration mounting feet (x4)
  • Drainage connection
  • Screen watertight box
  • 10m screen connection cable
  • Hydraulic connection fittings
  • Modbus signal cable

9. Optional Extras:

Heavy Duty Mounting Feet Thermotec-Inverter-Horizontal-rear.jpgThese heat pumps come with rubber  mounting feet (see photo above).

Alternatively you can purchase these heavy duty Mounting Feet.

These raise the unit off the ground by approximately 100mm, and also help to reduce vibration.

Please see our Mounting Feet and Slabssection for more information.

Bypass Kit Please see our Bypass Kitssection section for more information.
Winter Cover The unit comes with a lightweight winter cover, however we offer a heavy duty cover which will give you added and extended protection against the winter weather

Please see our Winter Coversection section for more information.

10. Installation

Installation is straightforward. We can provide advice on installing your heat pump. We can also offer an installation service if required.

We recommend that a bypass is installed to allow the heat pump to be drained in winter if not in use. We sell bypass kits if required.


Please see our Installation Tips pages for information on how to install your heat pump. Our Photo Gallery also has photograph examples of pool heat pump installations and please also see the FAQ  pages for more information

The Heat 3 Inverboost heat pumps can also be installed on hot tubs and swim spas.

Please contact us for further advice

11. Availability

The range of Astral Heat 3 Inverboost pool heat pumps are now in stock in the UK and can be shipped to any UK address on a 1 – 3 day delivery service.

12. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship the Astral Heat 3 Inverboost heat pumps to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

13. Warranty

The Astral Heat 3 Inverboost heat pumps come with a 2-year warranty on all components:-

We recommend that you retain the pallet and packaging that the heat pump was delivered with in case you need to return the unit to us for repairs under the warranty. 

The warranty will not apply where the heat pump has been installed incorrectly, or has been damaged by freezing

14. Technical Support

We are happy to provide technical support for all Astral Heat 3 Inverboost swimming pool heat pumps that we supply.

15. Product Literature

Please see the Literature tab at the top of the page for the Brochure and User Manual downloads.

16. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please email us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

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Weight90 kg

14kw, 17kw, 21kw, 26kw


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