Certikin Clever Pool Pump Inverter – Variable Pump Speed Controller

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Certikin iSAVER Pool Pump Inverter – Variable Pump Speed Controller


Certikin Clever Pool Pump Inverter – Variable Pump Speed Controller

Clever Pool Pump Inverter - Variable Speed Pump Controller

Note: This product has now been discontinued and replaced by the Certikin iSaver pump inverter.

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1. Description

The Certikin Clever Pool Pump Inverter is a low cost solution which will help minimise your running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration. Clever-Pools’ low initial outlay means that it will take less than 2 years to make your money back and afterwards you will be continuously saving.

How does it work?

  • The Clever Pool Pump Inverter works by allowing your single speed pool pump run at lower flow rates, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.
  • Single speed pool pumps tend to run at higher capacities than required and therefore are inefficient and expensive.
  • Clever Pool Pump Inverter has an in built timer that allows you to set up to 4 time periods for your pool pump to run throughout a 24 hour period. It also allows you to choose from 30 different speeds giving you more control than any other product of this kind.

User Friendly

Easily controlled from the LCD screen the Clever Pool pump inverter allows four different timing periods within 24 hours where the user can set the pump speed for the most efficient operation of the pool.

Clever-Pool has 4 timer programmes during a 24 hour cycle that can be set to suit your requirements.

The clever pool pump inverter default settings are: .

Low RPM (1200) – For pool water filtration
Medium RPM (1800) – For use with automatic suction cleaners
High RPM (2100) – For increased water flow for a limited period
Backwash RPM (2800) – Maximum pump output for thorough cleaning of filter media

In manual mode the user can adjust all pump speeds.

Clever Pool Pump Inverter - Variable Speed Pump Controller

2. Features

  • Up to 60% savings on pool pump energy consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Manual and Auto mode
  • Compatible with 95% of single phase pumps up to 2hp
  • User friendly Control Panel
  • Reduced wear and tear on your pool pump
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Improved filtration
  • Set reduced speeds on your pump
  • The Clever Pool pump inverter is supplied with a 2.5m cable to pump and 90cm cable to plug.
  • The reduction in speed will also increase the lifespan of your pump.
  • Improved pool water clarity*

Clever Pool Pump Inverter - Variable Speed Pump Controller

*An additional benefit of installing a Clever Pool is improved pool water clarity. Recent studies have concluded that pushing excessive volumes of water through ‘high rate’ sand filters can result in ineffective filtration. Larger quantities of suspended particles can be captured by filter-media when pool water is percolated at a slower rate for a limited period each day.

3. Savings

Swimming pool pumps invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary. Clever-Pool Inverter technology enables you to control both pump flow-rates and pump run times. Clever-Pool transforms conventional pool circulation pumps into ‘variable speed’ pumps resulting in huge savings in energy costs.

It is impossible to give an exact calculation with regards to potential energy savings; each pool is different and a multitude of parameters need to be factored. For example, the cost per kilowatt of energy, the size of your pool circulation pump and the number of months per year that a pool pump is operated vary from pool to pool. The remarkable thing about Inverter technology is energy savings reduce at an extraordinary rate as your pool water pump flow is reduced. For example, if you run your pool pump at 50% of its maximum output you will experience an energy reduction of 75%! It’s not difficult to see why the capital cost of a Clever-Pool can be recovered in such a short period.

4. Installation

The Clever Pool pump inverter is supplied with a 2.5m cable to pump and 90cm cable to plug and is compatible with 95% of single speed pool pumps.

Installation typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Clever-Pool is CE approved, simply connect the Clever-Pool (via an RCD) to the mains supply in the plant-room and wire the circulation pump into the Clever-Pool.

5. Warranty

All Clever pool Pump have a 1 year warranty.

6. Delivery

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7. Product Literature

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