Foam Filled Tow Out Kits Leading Edge for Covers up to 20ft with Reel System




Foam Filled Tow Out Kits Leading Edge for Covers up to 20ft with Reel System

Tow Out Kit

1. Description of the Foam Filled Tow Out/Leading Edge

These Foam Filled Tow Out/Leading Edge up to 20ft for Solar Covers or Thermal Blankets with Reel System.

This Leading Edge is a DIY product which can be installed easily on new or existing domestic pool covers. It comes complete with all the necessary fixings and pull cord. However if you are ordering a new solar cover or Thermal Blanket then you can get the factory to fit this for you.

Suitable for pool sizes 5.19m to 6.4m wide (15.25m long)

2. Features of the Foam Filled Tow Out/Leading Edge

  • Strong and durable PVC coated polyester netting
  • Polyethylene foam inserts for added buoyancy
  • Easily installed on new or existing covers by end user
  • Complete with fixings and pull cord including our new slide lock clips
  • Now available in black

Foam Filled Tow Out Slide Lock Clip

3. Sizes available:

  • for covers up to 12′ (3.96m)
  • for covers up to 16′ (5.18m)
  • for covers up to 20′ (6.4m)

Note – Factory fitted tow out kits can only be purchased with a solar cover.

Please purchase the DIY fitted kit if you would like to fit the edge yourself to your existing solar cover or Thermal blanket if you would like to add a reel system to your pool.

Please note you may also need a Universal Strap kit:

Universal Strap Kit BlackUniversal Strap Kit Blue
Black Universal Strap Kit – pk of 10Blue Universal Strap Kit – pk of 10

If you are purchasing our Slidelock Roller and Reel System


Slidelock Reel & RollerSlidelock Reel & Roller with Base Plates

4. Availability

The lead time on this Leading Edge/Tow Out Kits take approx 9-10 working days for delivery

5. Delivery

Prices include FREE UK delivery.

6. Warranty

All Tow Out/Leading Edge Kits have a 1-year warranty.

7. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please feel free to Contact Us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

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Foam Filled Leading Edge

Foam Filled Leading Edge


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