Heatstar Gemini All In One Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

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Heatstar Gemini

The Gemini is now discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products

The Heatstar Gemini is an all in one heat pump and dehimidification unit for indoor pools.

The concept – the ‘all-in-one’ solution :

Put simply, the Gemini is an indoor pool climate control unit which features a ‘built-in’ integral fresh air source heat pump boiler. The fresh air source heat pump is used as the main method of heating, extracting free ‘green’ energy from the outside air and directly heating both the pool water and the pool room air.

The Gemini is launched as a direct response to ever increasing fuel prices and the escalating focus and demand for the use and inclusion of renewable energy sources.

The Gemini still provides all the usual energy efficiencies associated with a modern indoor pool climate control unit, using a dehumidification heat pump with active heat reclaim to both pool room air and pool water.

The Gemini therefore provides the end client with an easy and convenient ‘all-in-one’ solution to the desire to accommodate renewable energy technology, without the complexity or high associated installation costs of ground source heat pumps or externally positioned fresh air source heat pump boilers.

  • Superior heat pump efficiency
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Super-efficient digital fans
  • Pool Room Dehumidification without throwing away energy
  • Fresh air heat pump – the superior ‘all year round’ renewable energy source
  • In-built support heating provision
  • Air conditioning cooling mode
  • Pool covered – low energy mode
  • Ideal for stretched plastic ceilings
  • Multiple air duct connection position options
  • Anti-vibration air duct connections
  • Specific fan performance rating
  • Low Heat pump condensing temperature = very high efficiency
  • Direct heat exchange = no energy losses through secondary pipe circuits
  • Subsidised fan energy consumption
  • Pool room exhaust air heat recovery & reduced de-frosting
  • Capital Cost benefits

As the Gemini encompasses both the dehumidification heat pump and the fresh air source heat pump within one convenient product, the high costs associated with the supply and installation of a separate heat pump heat source and associated equipment, usually by a specialist contractor, can be avoided.

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