Hydro Diesel Powered Water Heater for Hot Tubs, Spas and Small Swimming Pools

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Hydro Diesel Powered Water Heater for Hot Tubs, Spas and Small Swimming Pools

Produces 53kw of heat, runs from diesel and a 16A power socket with RCD.

Hydro Heater

Update on this product July 2023: The lead time on this product is currently 6 weeks approximately as they are made to order.


1. Description

A portable rapid solution to heating a small amount of water quickly in any location.

Introducing the Hydro-Heater portable, rapid, water heater. Heating a typical spa from cold to optimal temperature in under 1 hour.

The Hydro Heater Water Heater saves valuable time where there is a need to heat any contained volume of water quickly, making this device a game changer for business owners.

The unit has a 60kw boiler and outputs 53kw of heat to the pool water. Please contact us and we can calculate the heat up time of your pool , hot tubs or spa.

Ideal for events, holiday parks etc where a rapid heat up of water is required.

The Hydro Heater Water Heater is ideal for use in conjunction with other highly efficient primary heat sources, such as air source heat pumps to lower running costs overall. The Hydro heater can be used for a rapid initial heat up and then a pool heat pump could then be used to maintain the required pool water temperature.

It runs from standard diesel fuel and includes its own water circulation pump

It is mains operated, running from a standard 13A supply. The mains supply is used to only operate the internal circulation pump and thermostat etc. It only needs around 600w of electricity. The heat is generated from an internal diesel powered heater.

2. Features

  • Heat your hot tub in less than 1 hour!
  • Fill your spa with hot water at 40°C!
  • A temperature knob on the unit sets the outlet water temperature up to 90c
  • 20x faster than a typical 3kW electric spa heater!
  • From 8.2p per kWh!
  • Direct Mains fill mode – connect a mains water supply to the inlet of the heater and fill and heat the hot tub/spa at the same time as heating the water.
  • Re-circulate mode – the unit will pump the water out of the hot tub/spa, heat it and return it
  • Has internal water circulation pump
  • Accelerate heating of spas, swimming pools and any water that requires rapid heating.
  • Improved high efficiency 60kw diesel boiler which outputs 53kw of heat (88% efficiency)
  • Fitted with thermostat control
  • Fitted with a flow switch
  • Fitted with a safety valve
  • Steel chassis, zintec coated with a polyester finish for corrosion resistance
  • Long life weather resistant rust proof stainless steel cover
  • Fitted with 4 wheels
  • 20-litre Diesel Tank (use of an external larger fuel tank is possible)
  • Fuel consumption: 5-litres per hour of diesel fuel
  • Hose – Food grade outlet hose (to ensure crystal clear water) length 3.65m
  • Power cable length 8m – 16 amp mains cable with onboard RCD (for added safety)
  • Dims L902 x W710 x H719mm
  • Weight 120kg
  • Available in 240v 50hz and 110v 50hz power
  • Uses standard 13A power supply to operate the internal circulation pump and controls. Only uses around 600w of power.
  • New Feature – low fuel cutoff switch (to prevent the need to re-prime the fuel system)
  • New Feature – an over temperature cutout switch with control panel indicator light (prevents over heating the hot tub, and protects the heater components on the inlet side)



3. Terrain Version

We are now offering an “all terrain” chassis option for the Hydro Heater, with longer axles and larger 400mm wheels which will improve handling and maneuverability on rougher ground considerably.

Hydro Heater

4. Availability

Hydro Heater Water Heater are a made to order item and will be on a 4-week lead time for delivery in the UK.

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Hydro Heater

Hydro Heater



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Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions902 × 710 × 719 cm

Product Literature

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