Indux E300 Domestic Fresh Air Ventilator Indoor Swimming Pools

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Indux E300 Domestic Fresh Air Ventilator – Through The Wall Fresh Air Heat Recovery S

Update June 2023: The Indux range has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However we still have the Indux1 range

1. Description

The Calorex Indux E300 Ventilator is an energy efficient extract fan for indoor pools.

The unit introduces fresh air into the pool hall to reduce humidity and make the pool hall environment more comfortable.

The unit expels moist warm air from the pool hall and brings in drier, cooler air from the outside. This helps to dehumidify the pool hall.

The E300 should be used in conjunction with a pool dehumidifier to add fresh air and reduce humidity to provide a comforatable environment in the pool hall.

Processing the same air over and over will make the pool hall air feel stuffy and stale, which is why is always a good idea to make provison for fresh air for indoor pools.

This is an energy efficient extract fan that extracts air from the pool hall to the outside, but as it does so, it warms the fresh air coming into the pool hall to provide heat transfer and energy efficiency. A heat exchanger inside the E300 uses heat from the warm air leaving the pool hall to heat the cooler incoming air. It is around 70% efficient making this a much more energy efficient way of ventilating a pool hall compared with a standard extract fan.

The Indux ventilation range are ideal for swimming pools, computer rooms, classrooms, offices and the health and leisure industies.

The units are designed to go through an external wall of the pool hall. The unit is designed for installation in external walls with a thickness of between 150mm to315mm. For wall thicknesses up to 650mm an extension sleeve kit is available.

A hole of 280mm wide x 380mm high is cut into the wall

The speed controller allows the unit to run at different speeds. Without the speed controller, the E300 will only run at maximum speed.

It is recommended when purchasing the E300…To purchase the speed controller, please add it to your basket with the E300 unit

An air flow rate of up to 300m3/hr can be achieved in boost mode, or just 70 m3/hr on low speed.

2. Features

Indux E300 – Self Contained Through The Wall Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilator AM3000 (HR300)

  • Performance: m³/h
  • Max ventilation rate – 300.0
  • Low Supply Rate – 70.0
  • Low Extract Rate – 75.0
  • Normal Supply Rate – 190.0
  • Normal Extract Rate – 210.0
  • Boost Supply Rate – 270.0
  • Boost Extract Rate – 300.0
  • Efficiency: The unit will retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air.
  • Heat exchanger: Multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints.
  • Motor: 240V 50Hz A/C with sleeve bearings and greased for life. It will operate up to an ambient temperature of 40°C and is fitted with a manual reset thermal overload protection.
  • Controls: The unit is operated via a remote 3 Position switch, humidistat or a humidiswitch.
  • Filter: Washable reticulated foam type coarse filter.
  • Construction: The unit outer case is a rigid ABS moulding. The internal/external grille is a cream coloured ABS moulding.
  • Sound Level – Trickle: 37dB(A) @ 3m
  • Sound Level – Medium: 40dB(A) @ 3m
  • Sound Level – Boost: 44dB(A) @ 3m

3. Installation

A hole of 280mm wide x 380mm high is cut into the wall



The body of the unit is then inserted through the hole in the wall and a fascia plate slides over the body to finish the inside and outside of the unit

Outside ViewInside View


Fresh air ventilation can play an important part in keeping your indoor pool hall air comfortable.

Introducing fresh air will help remove odours that can sometimes be present in a swimming pool environment.

Heat Recovery Ventilators are very good at recovering heat from the old extracted air.

This heat recovery will save you lots of money in the long term.

The cost of running these small fans is relatively low, however the energy used to heat up this air is not.

Which is why it is so important to recover as much as possible.

Up to 70% heat recovery can be obtained from the extracted air, which is not bad for a small outlay and simple installation.

The Heat Recovery Ventilators operate with fans. Two fans operate, one bringing in fresh air the other extracting old stale humid air.

Both bodies of air pass each other in a simple cross over chamber. This chamber recovers heat back to the fresh air that is being introduced to the pool hall.

The speed of the fans are controlled by voltage, the more voltage the faster the fan runs, the faster the fan runs the larger volume of air will be introduced (and extracted).

The speed controller that controls the fan speed has a number of settings.

This helps regulate the amount of fresh air.

Please note that the units we recommend for commercial use are the Indux 1 and 4 units

4. Speed controller

An optional speed speed controller is also available. This allows the E300 fan to run at different speeds.


This Speed Controller is suitable for use with all the Indux E300, E300R6 & E300RW6 heat recovery units.

  • Mixed flow fans are speed controllable (on high speed tapping only) using a this 1.5Amp electronic controller.
  • It will provide infinitely variable speed control and features an On/Off switch with neon indicator.

The speed controller can also be purchased seperately. Click Here to see the product.

5. Availability

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6. The Indux Full Range:

As well as the E300 model, other Indux models are also available:-

Option 1 – Through the wall Units (Indux 1 or Indux E300)

The unit grills will be seen in the pool hall and on the external wall. Easy to install and wire up, offers a good value solution. To control the speed you will require the correct speed controller to suit your fan.

Option 2 – Semi Remote (Indux 4 and E300 RW6)

This type of installation will require a little more work as ducting (150mm E300 and 300mm Indux 4) will be required along with grilles. Please note ductwork and grilles are not supplied with the fans. You will have to purchase these separately to meet you project requirements. Again to control the speed you will need the correct speed control for your fan unit.

Option 3 – Fully Remote (E300R6)

This is suitable for installation in roof void or similar internal space. Please note these units are not suitable for installation in wet areas or externally. The unit will have 4 spigots that you will connect 150mm ductwork too. Please check the installation and specification guides if you wish to install long runs of ductwork. These are relatively small fans so large pressure drops within the system may reduce the extraction rates. That said they are suitable for most domestic type installation. Call us for more details or download the data/installation guides from the resources tab above.

The different types of unit will have different extraction rates in Meters cubed per hour:

Full Range of Heat Recovery Ventilators:

  • Indux 1 Self Contained Through the wall – Max Flow 550m3/hr
  • Indux E300 Self Contained Through The Wall AM3000 – Max Flow 300m3/hr
  • Indux 4 Semi Remote (300mm Spigots) – AM3054
  • Indux E300RW6 Semi Remote (150mm Spigots) AM3005 – Max Flow 300m3/hr
  • Indux E300R6 Fully Remote (150mm Spigots) AM3007 – Max Flow 300m3/hr

Full Range of Speed Controllers Available:

  • Speed Controller for Indux 1 and 4 – AM3057
  • Speed Controller for Indux E300 Series AM3010
  • Replacement Fans, filters and extension kits are available on request.

Please ask if you have any questions before ordering.

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8. Warranty

The Indux units come with a 1 year parts only warranty.

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