JustSalt Pro Grounding Kit to Earth the Salt Chlorinator for Salt Swimming Pools

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JustSalt Pro Grounding Kit to Earth the Salt Chlorinator for Salt Swimming Pools

JustSalt Pro Grounding Kit (Earthing) for JustSalt Pro

With all , it is recommended to connect an earth wire to the probe holder bracket

this ensures that the electrical potential of the pool water is the same as the earth

this prevents the Redox and pH probes from reading incorrectly

the fitting screws into the holder supplied with the JustSalt Pro units

An earth stake (not supplied) is then put into the ground near the plant room

A wire (not supplied) is then connected between the earth stake and the grounding lug

this then grounds the pool water so there is no voltage difference




The JustSalt Pro Grounding Kit is intended for functional and not for safety purposes. It enables static electricity, whatever its source may be, to be transferred from the pool water to the ground.

In some cases, static electricity can stimulate the oxidation of metal parts in contact with pool water. Static electricity can also disturb the working of probes, which can lead to the equipment as a whole not working correctly.

1) Screw and tighten the Pool Ground Kit into the bracket provided by hand (accessories holder or saddle).
2) Connect the Pool Ground Kit to a ground rod (not supplied) using a copper cable without isolating sleeve (not
3) Insert the whole ground rod into the ground.


  • You must comply with the specifications of installation standards in the country and at the time of the  installation.
  • The ground rod should be sited at a distance and unaffected by any other electrical ground rod/device.
  • The ground rod must be at least 1.5 m long.
  • The ground into which the ground rod is inserted should be as wet as possible, and have a resistance of less than 20 ohms


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