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Winter Pond Covers

HeatPumps4Pools have an excellent range of made-to-measure winter covers for koi ponds

We can make winter covers to any size for koi ponds.

Our covers are custom designed for koi ponds and span above the water surface to allow for transfer of gases from the water.

They can be supported over their span by either timber or our support straps (see below)

The 500 Micron Solar-Weave fabric allows the light through whilst the heat from the sun transfers from the bubbles into the layer of air underneath the pond

cover to provide heat and solar gain from the sun. It also stops heat loss from rising into the atmosphere, in the cold weather.

Customer Example: September 2019 – Solarweave pond cover made to size:

Solarweave Pond Cover for a koi pondSolarweave Pond Cover for a koi pond

With Ratchet straps, Feeding Flap & Bungee for a koi pond

(foam supplied by customer)

Feeding flap shown at this end which is re-sealed with velcro to
stop the wind blowing the flap open.

Customer Example: October 2019 – Solarweave pond cover made to size:

Beautiful oval koi pond


Feeding flap shown at the far end which is re-sealed with velcro to
stop the wind blowing the flap open.This cover has been made with fitted straps and anchor bolts as shown

Other Solarweave pond covers made to size:

Pond cover with eyelets, anchor bolts and continuous bungee for fixing

Pond cover with adjustable straps and anchor bolts for fixing

Super Strong Solar-Weave Fabric

Our pond covers are made from strong Solar-Weave fabric which can be tensioned without tearing.

The fabric has a reinforced mesh on the top side and solar bubbles on the underside

The cover allows light through to the pond.

The solar bubbles transfer the sun’s heat to the layer of air underneath the pond cover to provide heat and solar gain from the sun.

The edges of the cover are hemmed to give it strength and to prevent tearing.


NEW: Note that our pond covers are now made from GeoBubble material which gives it extra strength and durability

We can offer a choice of two types of fixings to hold the cover in place:-

1. Eyelets and Continuous Elastic Bungee


Eyelets are positioned around the edge of the cover.

The edges of the cover are sewn and reinforced to prevent the eyelets tearing out.

A continuous elastic “bungee” is then passed around the cover through the eyelets.

The elastic is then hooked over wall fixings at various positions around the pond.

This elastic fixing method gives some flexibility to the cover in windy conditions to prevent the cover from tearing.

The continuous elastic strap also allows for varying heights of the fixing bolts around the pond.

Anchor Bolts for brickworkLow profile anchor bolts for wood
The covers come with a choice of anchor bolts which can be fixed into brickwork/masonry or decking low profile anchor bolts for the use with wood.
When the rectrable anchor bolts are used and the cover is removed for summer, the centre of the anchor bolt can be screwed in so it is flush

When the covers is fitted, the centre is unscrewed so it protrudes allowing the bungee to be hooked over it.

 2. Sewn Straps

Instead of eyelets and an elastic strap fixing. we can provide straps sewn onto the edges of the cover.

The straps are blue, 25mm wide and come with buckle, D-ring and brass flush fix anchor bolt


Straps are sewn to the hemmed edge of the cover. The strap length is adjustable.

At the end of each strap is a D-ring.

The D-ring is then hooked over the anchor bolts and the strap length adjusted.

For larger pond covers, straps make it easier to fit the cover than a continuous bungee and eyelets.

3. Feeding Flap

An optional feeding flap can be added to the cover to allow feeding the fish without removing the cover. This has Velcro fastenings.

The feeding flaps are normally 300mm x 300mm but the size can be adjusted if required.

The optional feeding flaps cost approximately £60 each inc VAT

The feeding flap can be located up to 600mm from the edge of the cover

Note: The feeding flaps must be located near to the edge of the cover 

4. Fixing Anchors

Our cover prices include retractable fixing anchors for inserting into brickwork etc.

They require an 18mm hole to be drilled
The cover fixings or bungee then hook over the brickwork anchors to hold the cover in place.
The centre piece of the fixing can be unscrewed so it protrudes, the bungee or d-ring is then hooked over the fixing.
In the summer when the cover is removed, the centre piece can be screwed in so it is flush with the brickwork

5. Grass Stake

We have a 500mm long ground stake for fixing into grass


Please contact us for pricing and details of this option

6. Optional Support Ratchet Straps

We can supply optional support straps to help suspend the cover above the water and to help to prevent it sagging.

The straps come with a stainless steel ratchet and a plastic protective backing plate to protect the pond cover
They are 6m long (we can make the shorter if you prefer)
They come with the brass fixing anchor and the straps have a stainless steel eyelet
Or the covers can be supported using timber supports

7. Non-Rectangular Ponds

For non-rectangular shaped ponds, there are two options:-

1. The customer can send us a dimensioned drawing

2. The customer can send us a template (eg made from thick plastic). We will then make the cover to the template size.

8. Production Drawing

Before the cover is made, we will produce a production drawing for approval by the customer


Production drawing example of a pond cover above



The installed Pond Winter Cover

Customer Feedback “I thought you might want a photo of the fitted cover to accompany the drawing on the website. Measurements were perfect and once I had set up a suitable frame underneath I am very happy with the cover. It is lightweight and robust which is essential for the size of cover that I have. It has also stayed in position during the high winds associated with storm Barra which was somthing I was concerned about given the exposed location. Just need to find somewhere to store it all in the Spring!

9. Optional Extras

The inflatable pillow designed to fit under a winter cover to eradicate water build up on the cover surface

Size inflated is 1.2m x 1.2m

We recommend 1 x pillow for every 10′ x 10′

Inflatable Piilow

Inflatable Piilow

10. Pricing

Our pond covers are made to measure, however as a guide, sample sizes and prices are shown above.

Prices above include eyelets and continuous bungee fixings

Please call for pricing for straps, ground stakes or p-fixings etc

Prices inc VAT and FREE delivery

Please contact us for a price for your specific pond size

We can make the cover to any shape of pond.

Our pond covers are made in the UK.

The lead time for the covers varies but is typically only around 7-10 days from order depending on the season 

11. Customer Feedback

Hi David
Just returned to Qatar after a two week stay in the UK, the pond cover arrived and has been unpacked and fitted, all spot on and fitted a treat, thanks for your support in this little project of mine….

Ray Jackson 2019

12. Assistance

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please feel free to Contact Us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

for all enquiries, please contact us at enquiries@heatpumps4pools.com


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