Pool eXact EZ Photometer Pool Water Tester – 10 Tests, Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Stabiliser etc

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Pool eXact EZ Photometer Pool Water Tester – 10 Tests, Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Stabiliser etc

Pool eXact EZ photometer

1. Description

Pool eXact EZ Photometer – The NSF/ANSI 50 L1 Certified Pool eXact® EZ photometer delivers 10 pool water test with lab quality results!

Most tests with the Pool eXact® EZ photometer use our patented eXact® Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis.

Simply dip an eXact® Strip Micro into the water sample for 20 seconds using a simple back and forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results instantaneously!

Unlike other pool photometer testers on the market, rather than having to crush up tablets, the Pool eXact comes with test strips which contain the reagent for each test .

This gives quick accurate results with no need for tablets

Supplied in clamshell plastic packaging

Pool eXact EZ photometer Pool eXact EZ photometer

Designed to test the crucial parameters that determine water quality, the Pool eXact Meter covers everything from free chlorine and combined chlorine to total chlorine, stabiliser, copper, pH, and Total Alkalinity. With this all-in-one solution, monitoring the key elements that impact the well-being of your pool or hot tub has never been easier.

Whether you’re a pool owner, hot tub enthusiast, or industry professional, our meter simplifies your water testing routine. Trust in its meticulously engineered design to deliver accurate results, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your water maintenance efforts. The Pool eXact tester  is your reliable partner that provides consistent readings you can always count on.

Not only does the Pool eXact® tester excel in performance, but it also offers remarkable ease of use. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make testing a breeze, even for beginners. Just follow the straightforward instructions, and within moments, you’ll have precise measurements to keep your pool or hot tub in optimal condition.

2. The 10  Pool eXact EZ Photometer Tests

  1. Total Alkalinity 10 – 200ppm
  2. Copper 0.06 – 9.0ppm
  3. Calcium Hardness 20 – 700ppm
  4. Cyanuric Acid (stabiliser) 1 – 110ppm
  5. Chloride (salt) 80 – 6700ppm
  6. pH 6.4 – 8.4
  7. Free Chlorine 0.01 – 12.0ppm
  8. Total Chlorine 0.00 – 12.0ppm
  9. Combined Chlorine 0.01 – 12.0ppm
  10. Phosphate 0.2 – 3.0ppm

Pool eXact photometer

Pool eXact EZ photometer

  • Clamshell comes with basic components to start water testing
  • Pool eXact® EZ Photometer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Individually wrapped reagents (6 tests each; CY reagent sold separately)
  • *Carry case and reagent bottles NOT included (available separately)


    Pool eXact EZ photometer Pool eXact EZ photometer Pool eXact EZ photometer


2. Pool eXact EZ Photometer Kit comes with:

✅ (1) Pool eXact EZ photometer
✅ (1) Cell Cleaning brush
✅ (1) Instruction manual
✅ (6) of each reagents – 42 total:

  • Free Chlorine
  • Combined / Total Chlorine (DPD-3)
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Copper
  • Phosphate

(not included are the 4 AAA batteries and Chloride & Cyanuric Acid reagents)

Good to Know:
✅ Compact design
✅ No calibration needed
✅ Waterproof IP-67 and it floats
✅ Patented technology

3. How to use the Pool eXact EZ Photometer:

  1. Turn the Pool eXact on using the Zero/On button
  2. Select the test required using the menu button
  3. Fill the internal chamber with pool water and put on the rubber cap supplied
  4. Press the zero button
  5. Remove the relevant test strip from its packaging
  6. Remove the rubber cap and press the Read button
  7. Wave the test strip back and forwards in the chamber while the tester shows a 30-second countdown
  8. When the countdown reaches 1, remove the test strip and put on the rubber cap
  9. The reading will then be displayed


Pool eXact EZ photometer

3. Warranty

  • The warranty on this item is 2 years

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5. Product Videos

Below is a demonstation of using the tester to carry out a free chlorine test. The process for the other tests is similar.

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Product Literature

Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products