Q-Line 7 Inverter Vertical Pool Heat Pump with Wifi 7kw – Extended Season Use

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Q-Line 7 – 7kw Extended Season Heat Pump

Update May 2022: The Q-Line 7 heat pumps are now out of stock.

As an alternative, please look at the Thermotec Eco Inverter models or the Sunspring

Q-Line 7 Heat Pump

1. Description

Our Brand New Q-Line 7 – 7kw Heat Pump for 2021 for Extended Season use and can work down to -10c air temperatures !

The Full Inverter technology that equips the majority of Poolex heat pumps allows for 30 to 35% energy savings over a year, mainly thanks to a compressor and a fan that function at variable speed.

Upward ventilation, which is an important space saver, makes the choice of an installation space easier.

From a user standpoint, everything has been thought to make this heat pump an easy equipment to use.

Its control panel situated at the front of the heat pump can be used as a handheld device as far as 10 meters away from the storage space or used through your smartphone using the integrated WiFi module.

LEDs at the front indicate with a colour code whether target temperature has been reached.

Its design in a rounded square suits any style of swimming pool and its ABS casing has the necessary resistance for a long service life.

Q-Line 7 Heat Pump

 2. Features

  • New design
  • One size available –  7kw
  • Vertical Ventilation
  • Full Inverter Technology
  • Ultra Silent & Economical
  • Anti-UV ABS Casing to give good resistance to exterior elements
  • Brand new design for 2021
  • Intergrated Wifi Connection
  • Indicative LED Technology – giving the heat pump status in a colour code visible at a glance
  • Dimensions – 450mm x 450mm x 615mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight 35kg
  • Suitable for above ground pools up to 15m3 of water (May-Sept use) – See our Sizing Guide
  • Desired water temperature can be set to be between 15c and 40c
  • Supplied without a cable or plug – please purchase our optional cable kit
  • Anti-Vibration support Kit
  • Condensate pipe/hose
  • Isothermal Winter Storage Cover
  • 1.25″/1.5″ (32/38mm) water connections for hose
  • 2 x hose clips included
  • In-built time clock
  • Includes built in water flow switch – the unit turns off when the circulation pump turns off and back on when circulation pump restarts
  • Requires a flow rate of 2.2m3/hr or more from your pump/filter
  • Eco Friendly R32 refrigerant gas
  • No bypass required
  • Easy to operate
  • Digital control panel – simply set the pool temperature required and the Q-Line 7 will turn on and off as required to maintain the desired pool temperature.
  • Gives much lower running costs than an electric pool heater
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Toshiba Compressor
  • 3-Year Warranty


Q-Line 7 Heat Pump


3. Vertical Ventilation

With a vertical vent, the Q-Line 7 affords important space gain as it requires a smaller space to evacuate air. As a vertical design, the heat pump can be installed even in the smallest technical shelter.

Q-Line 7 Vertical Ventillation


4. Full Inverter Technology +35% Energy Savings

Popular in the domestic heating and air conditioning sectors, Full Inverter technology adjusts precisely the fan and the compressor, turning the heat pump into a smart pump.

Unlike a traditional heat pump, the Full Inverter compressor starts up gradually. If the set temperature is far from the swimming pool actual temperature, an automatic regulator boosts the heat pump’s capacity for a quick rise in temperature. During swimming season, and to maintain the set temperature, the heat pump operates at reduced power.

This constant operation means that the Full Inverter heat pump operates in a more stable way and preserves the compressor from unwanted starts and stops, resulting in energy savings of over 35%.

Q-Line 7 Heat Pump

5. Anti-UV ABS Casing

Popular in the hardware and decoration industry, ABS has demonstrated good resistance to exterior elements without any compromises to its decorative attributes. The Q-Line 7 and its rounded square shape suits all styles of swimming pools and garden architectures.

6. Integrated Wifi Connection

Because a heat pump, regardless of its capacity, must be as easy to use, the Poolex Platinium can be controlled via your smartphone over Wi-Fi using a control panel located on the pump

7. Indicative LED Technology

LED indicators integrated at the front of the heat pump give it a colourful style while providing the most useful technical functionality: instant visualization of the pump’s operating status.

Green : target temperature has been reached.
Blue : the pool is being heated.
Red : the heat pump is not in operation.


Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps

8.  What size heat pump do I require for my pool?

The sizing guide for a covered pool for May-Sept use is:-

Q-Line 7kwKwMax Pool Volume

(Warmer areas in the UK)

Max Pool Volume

(Colder areas in the UK)

Above-Ground Pools7kw10m38m3
In-Ground Pools7kw15m312m3


Please note that these sizes are based on May-Sept use. To ensure that you maintain a good water temperature as long as you cover the pool with the solar cover for as many hours a day as possible (max 4 hours uncovered). The colder the outside air temperature (including night temperatures as this is the coldest time where you will lose most heat) the larger the heat pump size you will need (kw)

9. Additional Fittings

The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps comes with two screw on hose tails that accept both 32mm (1.25″) and 38mm (1.5″) standard pool hose

Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps

You may need some of our fittings so that you can add this heat pump to your pool, so please take a look at our Hose pipe and Fittings 

Or call us to get some help with these items.

10. Specifications

Note: The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps requires a pump/filter with a system flow rate of 2.2m3/hr to operate

Please Specifications tab at the top of the page

Q-Line 7 Specifications

11. Product Literature

Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products

12. Installation

Installation is very easy and straightforward.

The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps is connected to your existing pool pipework

It uses the existing pool circulation pump to pump the pool water through it.

Please see the user manual below for more information on how to install your Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps

Qline 7 on a pallet


13. Savings

Using the Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps to heat your pool rather than an electric heater will save you money on running costs

The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps only uses 1.02kw of electricity to produce 7kw of pool heat.

If you compare this with an electric pool heater, a 7kw electric pool heater would use 7kw of electricity

The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps therefore is only less than 1/6 the running cost of an electric pool heater – saving you money!

14. Pool Hose

You may need to purchase an additional length of pool hose to connect from your heat pump to the pool

We sell both 1.5″ and 1.25″ pool hose

Hose and Pipe Fittings

Please click on this link to add some to your basket – Hose and pipe fittings

15. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship the Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

16. Warranty

The Q-Line 7 Heat Pumps heat pumps come with a 3-year warranty

  • 3-years parts warranty on all components in the UK
  • 7 Years on the Compressor
  • 15 Years on the Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Warranty subject to the unit being installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

17. Technical Support

We are happy to provide technical support for all swimming pool heat pumps that we supply. Please call us and we will advise you further.

18. Product Literature

Please see the Product Literature tab at the top of the page for the user manual and brochure

19. Customer Photos

20. Assistance

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please feel free to Contact Us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

for all enquiries, please contact us at enquiries@heatpumps4pools.com

Q-Line 7 Specifications

Note: The Q-Line 7 requires a pump/filter with a system flow rate of 2.2m3/hr or more to operate. Please check that your pump/filter is adequate before purchasing.


Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products


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