Rola-Chem Flow Meter Top Mount Water for 1.5″ pipe to 4″ Pipe




Rola-Chem Flow Meter comes in 4 sizes:



Update Sept 2023: These flow meters are in stock in the UK for 2-day delivery

1. Description for the Rola-Chem Flow Meter:

Rola-Chem Flow Meter are designed to be compatible with practically every existing flowmeter, replace your old clogged flowmeters with these accurate, easily serviced units from Rola-Chem.

Rola-Chem flowmeters are built to withstand water temperatures up to 200°F and are manufactured to work with schedule 40 PVC pipe.



  • Our heavy-duty gasket ensures airtight seals


  • Calibrated on both sides in gallons and liters per minute


  • Easily open and remove calcium deposits if necessary


  • Side, vertical, or top 1” to 8”; vertical mount is reversible for up or down reading.
  • Requires 3/4” diameter hole in pipe


  • 316 stainless steel ball prevents corrosion

2. Features of the Rola-Chem Flow Meter:

  • Top mount flow meters
  • Easy to read bobbin provides accurate flow rate readings
  • Calibrated in US gallons per minute and liters per minute on both sides
  • Wide chamber prevents clogging and reduces mineral deposits
  • Serviceable design allows you to open it to clean if needed
  • Can be used on new installations or to replace an existing flow meter

They show the flow in gallons per minute and litres per minute.

The unit straps around plastic pipes using the jubilee clips supplied.

A small hole is drilled in the top of the pipe

Rola-Chem Flow Meter

3. Sizes of the Rola-Chem Flow Meter:

  • For 1.5″ PVC Pipe, 25-60 US GPM /95-227 Litres Per Min / 5.7-13.6 m3/hour
  • For 2″ PVC Pipe, 40-140 US GPM /151-530 LPM / 9-31.8 m3/hour
  • For 2.5″ PVC Pipe, 77-240 US GPM /265-908 LPM / 15.9-54.48 m3/hour
  • For 3″ PVC Pipe, 100-300 US GPM /379-1136 LPM / 22.7 – 68 m3/hr
  • For 4″ PVC Pipe, 175-500 US GPM /662-1893 LPM / 39-113 m3/hr

4. Payment of the Rola-Chem Flow Meter:

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5. Availability of the Rola-Chem Flow Meter:

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6. Product Literature for theRola-Chem Flow Meter:

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7. Delivery:

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8. Warranty:

The Rola-Chem Flow Meter comes with a 1 year warranty

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