Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller & Reels for Pool Covers for Swimming Pools 5m to 6.7m for covers up to 6.4m

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Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller & Reels for Pool Covers for Swimming Pools for covers up to 6.4m wide


Slidelock Telescopic Roller

1. Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller Description

Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller make covering the pool easier and quicker, with the ever increasing energy prices this is an option you cannot afford to be without to ensure you do not loose energy/heat from your pool – Pool covers are only beneficial to the pool owner when they are on the pool. Speeding up the process of covering/uncovering the pool results in a significantly warmer and cleaner pool.

UK Manufactured

Widely regarded as the best domestic reel available. Manufactured from polished stainless steel and anodised aluminium. The Slidelock will give you years of trouble free operation.

Simple To Use

Supplied with high quality bearings and two steering wheels fitted with crank handles. The Slidelock has been designed to enable you to cover your pool quickly and with minimum effort.

Can be Supplied Motorised or with a Reduction Gearbox

Designed to enable you to semi-automate your Slidelock Reel. Optional Power Pack fits inside the reel. The power pack minimises the effort required to cover and uncover your pool.


Slidelock Reels telescopes from 5m to 6.7m, for covers over 4.6m up to a maximum 6.4m width (16’5″ to 22′ tubes – 21′ maximum cover width)

If you have a pool that is smaller that is 3.7m to 4.9m and a cover up to a max of 4.6m wide then then please see our other listing for the Small Slidelock Telescopic Roller

Notes: Reels should be set up to have a maximum 300mm overlap each side. Maximum recommended area of material on the reel is 75sqm.

Cover/tube overlap should be kept to a minimum. Some flexing of the tube may occur with larger covers.

2. Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller Features

  • Large Slidelock tubes for 4.88m to 6.4m
  • Polished stainless steel end stands
  • Anodised aluminium tubes
  • Plastic end bosses and steering wheels
  • Straps connect to tubes by our unique slide and lock fixing
  • Locking device holds the tube in position, stopping the cover from
  • Range of different end stands available
  • Optional Caster pack available


3. Large Slidelock Telescopic Roller available Accessories:


 Slidelock Base PlatesSlidelock Telescopic Roller castor packSlidelock Telescopic Roller Stand
Slidelock Base PlatesSlidelock Base PlatesSlidelock Base PlatesSlidelock Base PlatesSlidelock Base Plates

2. Availability for the Slidelock Telescopic Roller & Reels

The lead time on Rollers & Reels – Slidelock Telescopic Reels take approx 3 – 5 working days for delivery.

3. Delivery of the Slidelock Telescopic Roller

Prices include FREE UK delivery.

4. Warranty of the Slidelock Telescopic Roller

All Rollers & Reels – Slidelock Telescopic Reels have a 1-year warranty.

5. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please feel free to Contact Us

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Slidelock Telescopic Roller


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