Supa Gas Water Heater for Hot Tubs, Spas and Small Swimming Pools ideal for holiday parks

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Supa Gas Water Heater for Hot Tubs, Spas and Small Swimming Pools

 Supa Heater

1. Description

Supa Gas Water Heater is a portable water heater which runs from a standard propane gas cylinder – the type used for patio heaters and BBQs etc.

It can output 27.6kw of heat to rapidly heat hot tubs and above ground pools etc. It can heat a hot tub from cold in under 1-hour !

It has a built in electric water circulation pump which runs from a standard 13A UK power socket.

The shower head is included.

It is Start/Stop, so when stop is pressed the heater stops and when started and water flows the heater starts again to save energy. It also has five settings ranging from soft to powerful jets.

Supa Heater

Supa HeaterPortable hot water – now that really is SUPA

Have you ever considered the true cost of owning a hot tub?

It’s not just about the initial purchase price, but also the ongoing cost of keeping the water hot, even when you’re not using it.

That’s where SUPA comes in – with SUPA, you don’t have to worry about wasting money by keeping your water hot ‘just in case’.

Instead, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your hot tub, while keeping more money in your pocket.

A whole lot better for your budget

  • Save money by only heating your water each time you use your tub
  • Whether your tub is insulated or not, keeping the heating on means wasting money when it’s not being used
  • Your costs per use using SUPA become a small fraction of what they are now
  • Use standard bottles of Propane gas as used with general garden patio heaters or barbecue’s

Supa Heater

2. Features

  • Heat your hot tub in less than 1 hour!
  • Drop the hoses in to the water
  • Uses Propane Gas from a bottle
  • Fill your spa with hot water at 20-40°C!
  • 20x faster than a typical 3kW electric spa heater!
  • Typical cost for a typical insulated inflatable hot tub approx 710 litres would be £3.80 used from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Direct Mains fill mode – connect a mains water supply to the inlet of the heater and fill and heat the hot tub/spa at the same time as heating the water.
  • Re-circulate mode – the unit will pump the water out of the hot tub/spa, heat it and return it
  • Has internal water circulation pump
  • Accelerate heating of spas, swimming pools and any water that requires rapid heating like showers, car wash and hot tubs.
  • Fitted with thermostat control
  • Fitted with a flow switch
  • Fitted with 2 wheels
  • Fitted with cable and 13 amp 3 pin UK plug
  • Dims L580 x W385 x H7190mm
  • Weight 15.6kg
  • Power supply 220-240V, 50-60hz
  • 27.6kw of heat output
  • Efficiency 84%

Supa Heater

Supa Gas Water Heater has two modes:-

  1. Mode 1: Recirculation Mode – the built in circulation pump sucks the water from the hot tub/pool, heats it and returns it to the hot tub/pool. You set the desired water temperature on the digital display and the unit will keep heating until the desired water temperature is reached.
  2. Mode 2: Direct Mains Fill / Dog Wash / Shower Mode – connect your garden hose to the inlet of the Supa heater. The water is then instantly heater and comes out of the outlet hose at the temperature you have set on the control panel. Ideal for heating a hot tub while filling it, or to wash the dog etc.

Shower Head Supa Heater

3. Planet

 Supa Heater

Supa Heater

Supa Heater

4. Time

Supa Heater

Supa Heater

Supa Heater

Supa Heater

5. Savings

Supa Heater


6. Setting up

Supa Heater



Supa Heater

7. Availability

Supa Gas Water Heaters are in stock and are available on a 1-3 day service delivered to the UK.

8. Delivery

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Supa Heater

Supa Heater Description

10. Product Literature

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11. Warranty

  • Heater, Pump, Stand and Hoses – 2 years when used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Specific exclusions are the use of the pump continuously exceeding 90 minutes per individual use.
  • Accessories: fittings and shower head 1 year.

The owner is responsible for all other costs incidental to repair such as labour, shipping, delivery and permits. Proof of purchase required. Products repaired will be covered under this Limited Warranty for the remainder of term of the original purchase.


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Product Literature

Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products


Supa HeaterSupa Heater


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