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Dimitrios LazosDimitrios Lazos
11:22 12 Sep 23
Needed to have a part delivered in very short notice, and to make it worse, even outside the UK, to Germany, with all the extra complication this comes with. They did everything possible so that I get the part on time! Amazing flexibility, technical support and willingness to serve the customer in the best way possible!
Andrew GleaveAndrew Gleave
12:05 24 Aug 23
Very happy with the service I received yesterday after our Hot Splash Heat Pump leaked R32 Gas and failed. Having rung and spoken to one of the team, I had a replacement heat pump being sent out and will hopefully receive today (the day after my first phone call). I also took the option of upgrading to a better quality heat pump. The process was very smooth from start to finish. Thank you.12:30pm the following day I have received the new heat pump and have installed it, all within 24hrs of my initial call. Great work.
rob Leighrob Leigh
07:19 09 Aug 23
Really helpful, solved my cold pool issue
Philip HarveyPhilip Harvey
21:06 02 Aug 23
Vertical heat pump 29KW: Brilliant.Here's my story: 10m x 5m indoor pool. Initially I opted for a 24kW model, but after it arrived, the fitting instruction told me that I didn't have enough space. I was critical that the information on the web site didn't say just how much space you need. So, after explain the problem, Heatpumps4Pools arranged collection and delivery of a vertical model (29kW) I had a few questions about fitting, but there was always someone knowledgable on the phone, so it turned out to be easy.Compared to gas, this thing is brilliant. My pool circulating pump runs at 15,000 litres per hour, and the water, even at this rate, is heated by 2 degrees C. This heats my pool by 2deg in 4 hours (summer air temperatures). If in doubt, go for the bigger pump, you won't regret it.
Michelle DidierMichelle Didier
14:19 28 Jul 23
Although there was an initial problem with the order, it was quickly rectified. David was very conscientious in terms of customer satisfaction.
R G52R G52
12:53 11 Jul 23
First class service in sourcing a replacement part for my pool heat pump. Not only that, Nigel has found an engineer for me to install the replacement. Could not have asked for a better service.
Laurence GageLaurence Gage
10:05 21 Jun 23
Hi this company goes above and beyond in customer service technical advice and diagnosis was spot on quick dispatch of part required heat pump operating as it should againspecial thanks to Davetop company highly recommended 👍
Keval DattaniKeval Dattani
21:01 30 May 23
Had a problem with a heat pump that I didn't purchase from this company. They put me through to David from Technical who gave me free advice to try fix the unit without having to buy a part. Completely genuine and helped me resolve the issue. Very knowledgeable. I'm definitely going to buy all my pool equipment from Heatpumps4pools ltd. 5/5 stars. Great company. Thank you.
unication Smithunication Smith
12:41 27 May 23
Purchased a fast lane unit & some other parts — very quick, very helpful, very knowledgeableHighly recommend!
spark 8686spark 8686
04:19 06 May 23
I was looking for a heat pump to heat my above ground 24ft by 12ft pool. I came across heatpumps4pools whilst looking online. I wasn't wholly sure about what I needed so I visited their premises in Basildon, Essex. I was given excellent service and advised on all aspects of installing a heat pump to my pool. Everything was explained in detail on pipe sizes, bypass kits and electrical requirements leaving me very confident to do the installation myself. I purchased a 12Kw Thermotec Eco Inverter, a bypass kit and some pipework and different connectors. They had everything I needed in stock the same day so I made my purchase with them.I've since installed my heat pump and am very happy with it, my pool temperature is now at 27c . I've found that once the pool is up to temperature the heat pump just ticks over at a lower cost.I would definitely recommend using the services of heatpumps4pool for all your pool requirements. Good, knowledgeable honest advice.Thank you David K and thanks to all at heatpumps4pools.
Nick WatsonNick Watson
20:51 26 Apr 23
Very helpful team. I spoke to them a couple of times before purchasing a 16kw Thermotec Eco Inverter heat pump for our above ground pool, and they were knowledgeable and willing to spend the time discussing what we wanted. There was a lead time of a few weeks to getting the item because they were waiting for a batch to arrive but it was delivered as promised in line with the expected dates that they advised at the point of ordering. The heat pump is now installed, and works well.As an update, three years after purchasing the heat pump and after quite a lot of running hours, unfortunately it developed a fault. The customer service from Heatpumps4Pools (David M in particular) was exceptional. Over the course of a week, they sent me troubleshooting guides, spoke to me several times and eventually I mailed the display back to them to test on their showroom unit. They then sold me a replacement PCB and sent me fitting and configuration instructions, which fixed the problem. There aren't many companies who would be willing to spend a significant amount of time helping a customer do their own repairs.
Ben KimberBen Kimber
10:36 02 Sep 22
Recently brought a heat pump from these guys, It did have an issue from no fault of their own however they could not apologise and rectify quickly enough for me, Great service. Thanks David
Louis JadeLouis Jade
16:27 24 May 22
The best customer support and knowledge. I will be a customer for life in and I would go out of my way to recommend them. They really helped and went the extra mile.
Adrian BroomeAdrian Broome
22:04 21 Apr 22
Excellent service provider for Calorex indoor swimming pool ventilation systems.
Rory FosterRory Foster
17:06 28 Mar 22
Amazing service and friendly staff. Got my heat pump and pipe accessories within a couple of days. Highly recommended. The Sunspring 8w heater is great too!
Gary LevellGary Levell
17:06 23 Nov 21
I bought a heat pump from these folk during lockdown and they were extremely helpful with quick delivery. A week ago I needed to get some technical details to integrate the pump into my home automation system and they quickly obliged with full specifications enabling me to easily control the heat pump. Best customer service I have had with any pool company, ever. Excellent, would recommend.
Daniel WoodDaniel Wood
13:20 20 Jul 21
We purchased a Hot Splash heat pump last summer (excellent service received), and despite storing it safely in the house over the winter, it's compressor and fan failed to operate when we brought it out for use over the summer.As we were troubleshooting the issue, we called and spoke to David, who without hesitation, assisted is helping diagnose the situation, getting it logged on their support portal, and arranging a replacement unit.Will definitely be using again and also highly recommending to family and friends.Well done guys :-)
Russell ParrattRussell Parratt
13:40 08 Jun 21
I bought a 5kw heatpump from these guys and have been very impressed with the product, their customer service, advice and communication. Thanks, Heatpumps4pools! *****
Wesley DanielsWesley Daniels
07:49 29 May 21
We purchased a heat pump, filter and all connections and accessories from Heatpump4pools. They were extremely helpful on what was the right items to purchase without overselling, told me exactly what was needed all the way through the water cycle. They also helped me with all the set up questions and gave me advice on best practice. Finally when I noticed more than a week after I had received my delivery that something was missing, they quickly resent me a replacement. This is truly how customer service should be. Fantastic company with really knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Jason HigbyJason Higby
20:18 04 Apr 21
Great service and really helpful staff i ordered the 7kw sunspring heat pump and the intex krystal clear sand filter very easy online ordering i spoke to David and he helped me with everything I needed before I ordered it was very quick i m in the process of setting it all up and will send pictures when I m up and running.
Daniel PolhillDaniel Polhill
07:06 31 Mar 21
Fantastic service , communication and advice from the Wooden Pool team & Heat Pump Team. We purchased a wooden pool from them which came from a French supplier during brexit and had no issues with delivery. Any advice and questions we had were answered quickly and with real detail. I'd highly recommend them for any pool and pump needs!!
23:21 21 May 20
Recently purchased a heat pump from this company. Unfortunately I had a minor cosmetic problem but David was fantastic throughout and swiftly sent a replacement part with clear instructions on how to fit this. We now have a lovely warm pool. Would not hesitate to use HeatPumps4Pools again.
Jo-ann AustinJo-ann Austin
12:34 21 May 20
I cannot praise this company highly enough. Their customer service is excellent and David, who I dealt with, is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to give the best support possible. I had a problem with a pump I purchased four years ago, not only did he diagnose the problem and supply the appropriate part, he talked me through how I should install the new fan motor and remained in contact until the pump was up and running! Five star service!
Andrew WattersonAndrew Watterson
10:41 17 May 20
I ordered a Hot Splash 3.5kw heat pump from website and was invoiced £385.00. I then contacted them to enquire around delivery times only to be informed that they were out of stock and the order could not be fulfilled. Awaiting refund. Very disappointing, very poor service.
James YeatesJames Yeates
16:03 04 May 20
Back in March I spoke to David at heatpumps4pools. It was last thing on a Friday so I sort of got the feeling they didn’t want to hang around too long and they convinced me to purchase the Sunspring7 heatpump. I originally was asked, what months will you be using the pool, May through to September? I said yes. We discussed the size and volume of our pool and he said that the Sunspring7 would be best along with the Intex pump/sand filter system so I went for it. It all arrived a couple of work days later apart from the pool cover which came from a 3rd party which took a week to be delivered. Not really an issue however, On setting it up and reading through the instructions I saw that the heatpump WILL NOT operate in less than ten degrees of out side air temperature. I called them up and they said yes that’s why we asked you want months you would be using it and as it was late March this was I believe their get out clause. We can get a frost in May and friends of ours who live in Scotland may get a frost in June so even then on colder nights the heatpump would not work at all. I didn’t really get an explanation apart from saying I would need to exchange the Sunspring7 for a model that works at zero degrees however that would cost I think he said £1300 of which I wouldn’t spend on a pool heater. He did keep saying, when the heatpumps work they are very efficient. I said to him the running cost doesn't bother me I just want a heater which I can put on now (end of March/April). He said we could swap my unit out for two 3KW normal Nano heaters as long as the packaging was all in good tact.This in mind I boxed everything up and it was down to me to ship this back to him of which because it weighed 31kilo cost me £46 which would be more to a usual customer it’s just I have an account with DPD.We exchanged for two 3kw heaters of which they did do a partial refund fine. Personally all the above at the very first time we spoke they didn’t mention savings on energy as I would have said running costs don’t bother me and they should say to note, the Sunspring7 doesn’t work in less than ten degrees or I wouldn’t have purchased it. I would also add that one morning the out side air temperature was 12 degrees and it still wouldn’t switch on. The Intex pump/filter system. It kept cutting out after some hours of use. After a lot of research online I found nothing so I asked on live chat do you have any ideas and they said I would need to speak to a guy at Intex (can’t remember his name). On looking at the recommended web site I was given it seems to me that this company where heatpumps4pools gets their Intex from, they just import and sells them on to make a quick buck. I tried to call on the number on their site and because of Covid, phone lines were closed which is understandable.Emailed twice with no response. In the end I figured out it was my bad as the filter/pump couldn’t share the same 240volt socket as one of my 3KW heaters it needed it’s own supply. Everything seemed fine now I have my two new Nano 3kw heaters working in series with each other however, pool did green up. A lot! Spoke on live chat to heatpumps4pools and they said I would need a shock treatment of which I got and the pool soon became clear. However, after doing many backwashes I took a look in side the sand filtration system and it was incredibly green.I stirred up the sand with my hands in the tank (after watching numerous youtube videos) then back washed again. Took yet another look in side the tank and it was still green. I sent some pictures and explanation via email to both Intex and heatpumps4pools and weeks later had no reply. Now I believe the entire system is running ok with various chemicals and the sand filter seems clear. Probably a very knowledgeable company however, to potential purchasers please note about some heatpumps not working in low temperatures and that if you get any issue from an Intex product you will be re-direct to Intex for your answer not heatpumps4pools of which YOU WILL not receive any response at all.Also check prices...
09:46 04 May 20
Currently giving a fair 3 stars but will update subject to getting a response. Current situation is ordered a heat pump and 2 weeks on not received it. Cannot get through on phone and no reply to email or voicemails. All I'm after is confirmation its on the way or if there is a known delay which is also understandable due to Covid crisis.Update..was able to get through this morning. Found out they are running a lit bit behind with deliveries. Hoping to deliver this week.Update june ...down grading to 2 stars. Well after waiting several weeks for the Sun Spring 10, it arrived, after a week or so of running, the device iced up on a perfectly warm day. So I contacted them for support. I was advised it had probably failed and would need to be replaced under warranty . They were out of stock but 6 weeks later still no replacement, which is not much good for our English summer. Sadly, I cannot recommend. Seems very difficult to get an honest answer from David about what his stock levels are. Appreciate Covid is impacting everbody.
pete southpete south
16:21 29 Apr 20
These guys have an amazing amount of knowledge. I would highly recommend a call before you start chucking money at your pool heater i spent 5 min on the phone to David and saved myself a fortune in parts due to a miss diagnostic by a independent engineer, Thanks to Davids experience and long term knowledge he fix my heater over the phone.Many Thanks to all at (especially David).
Don PatonDon Paton
15:18 06 Feb 20
Very good product - Thermotec Inverter 9kw - easy to install for my Koi pond and it is good to have a wifi app to keep tabs. Excellent staff advice and followup. Highly recommended company
Martin SMartin S
18:17 04 Nov 19
Exceptional after-sales help. Sound technical advice and very professional assistance. Thank you.
Susan McConnellSusan McConnell
19:36 03 Sep 19
I have a Bestway Hydro above ground 15FT round pool and Intex 1500 GPH filter pump. I bought your Sunspring 10KW pool heater. Words cannot tell you how pleased i am with this heater ,from 11.30am to 830am it got the temp up to 31c. it will cost around £300 per season electricity which is very economical.We spent 2HRS in the pool this evening 03/09/2019I highly recommend this heater, for us the safety plug in is great. I will send photo of setup and when the shelter porch is permanent,
Joanne DronJoanne Dron
11:11 23 Aug 19
Fantastic customer service. Not just at the point of sale but 3 years later !! Amazing when I bought the products and able to help me resolve issues when we are 3 years down the line and there is nothing in it for them. Trina is especially helpful. A highly recommended company.
17:38 19 Aug 19
Fantastic customer service!Had an issue with my air source heat pump. Gave them a ring, talked over the issue and they gave me regular updates on progress. New circuit board sent out with instructions over the phone. Now fixed and running perfectly again.Thanks again!Craig Mc
Dave clarkeDave clarke
18:30 10 Aug 19
Fantastic. We had a few problems at the start of our purchase but these guys didn’t give up there customer service is the best I’ve ever come across. Thanks for everything we’re a very happy family making the very most of our heated pool.10 stars is more appropriate
John HammersleyJohn Hammersley
00:03 29 Jul 19
This company has a fantastic support team. We bought an Eco+ heat pump from them over three years ago, which has been very reliable and an all-round excellent system. Just recently it had a problem, and although it was out of warranty we contacted HeatPumps4Pools to see if they had any suggestions. They responded very quickly with details of the error, and photos of where to check for a faulty connection. Very impressed to get such a thoughtful and detailed response, which was much appreciated. Would definitely buy here again. John
Christopher BallardChristopher Ballard
13:24 09 Jul 19
David Morris really helped out with specifying a 7KW Sunspring heater for my 12ft pool (I wanted rapid heating). The pool is at a constant 30 degrees and we are all in there regularly.Its some of the best money i have spent.Highly recommended - Many Thanks :)

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