Heat Pump Sizing Form – Above Ground Pools

FREE Heat Pump Sizing – Above Ground Pools

At HeatPumps4Pools, we take many factors into account to correctly size your pool heater

STOP: Before completing this form , please see our Above Ground Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide as this shows the heat pumps suitable for common above ground pool sizes and will probably answer your question as to which heat pump is required

If your pool is not shown on our Above Ground Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide, please complete the form below and we will contact you with our recommendations for pool heaters for above-ground pools. Feel free to call us on 01268-206560 if you would like to discuss:-

Will you keep a solar cover on the pool when it is not in use. (Uncovered pools need approx 2.5 times more heat to maintain the desired pool temperature and so need much larger pool heaters)
For rectangular pools, please give length and width of pool. For round pools, please give the diameter of the pool. PLEASE STATE IF YOUR DIMENSIONS ARE IN METERS OR FEET !
(in C, 28c is typical). Range is normally 26c to 33c
If you already have a pump/filter, Please tell us the make and model so that we can check that the flow rate will be adequate for the proposed pool heater
Please provide country, postcode and nearest town. For international shipping, please provide address and postcode if you would like a shipping quote
What are the sizes of the hose connections onto your pool ? 38mm (1.5") connections normally use a grey screw on nut. 32mm (1.25") connections normally push on and use a small jubilee clip
We can supply a solar pool cover if you need one

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