Heat Pump Sizing Form – Indoor Pools

Heat Pump Sizing – Indoor Pools

At HeatPumps4Pools, we take many factors into account to correctly size your pool heat pump.

Please complete the form below and we will contact you with our recommendations for suitable heat pumps and dehumidifiers for indoor pools. Turnaround time is approximately 1-week. Feel free to call us on 01268-206560 if you would like to discuss:-

Indoor pools need pool water heating, dehumidification, air heating and fresh air for a properly balanced pool environment
We can advise if you are not sure ! If the pool hall has a lot of external glass, then ducting should be used to blow warm air over the glass surfaces to help prevent condensation. Ducting can be installed in the floor or ceiling of the pool hall.
Are you building a new pool or renovating an existing pool?
Deck level pools are where the water comes to the top of the pool and overflows all round the pool into a channel. Deck level pools have a balance tank and so have greater water volume to heat. They also lose more heat than skimmer pools and so require larger pool heaters than skimmer pools.
Commercial pools have a higher bather load and are uncovered for longer and therefore lose more heat than domestic pools
eg Calorex Variheat, Wall Mounted dehumdifiers, Heat Pump, Gas Boiler, Electric Heater etc..
Please tick the fuel source that we should use to provide heat to the air heating and the pool water heating system.
(in C, 28c is typical). Range is normally 26c to 33c
ie, does the pool have a floating cover or safety cover. Uncovered pools need approx 2.5 times more heat to maintain the desired pool temperature
Most UK properties have a single phase (240v) power supply. Larger domestic and commercial properties have a 3-phase power supply (380-415v)
Please provide country, postcode and nearest town, so we can assess the average temperatures where the pool is located. For international shipping, please provide address and postcode if you would like a shipping quote
The size of the pool hall affects size of air handling unit required for indoor pools. Please provide length, width, height to eaves etc..
This should normally be 1c above the water temperature. The air in an indoor pool should be kept warmer than the water to reduce heat loss, humidity and evaporation
ie windows/doors in the pool hall in m2. The amount of glass is relevant for ducted air handling systems for indoor pools

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